Alliance Growers Corp. (ACG.C) is in the final negotiation stage for a strategic equity arrangement to assist in financing Canna Companion Products Inc. (Canna). Canna is a wholly owned subsidiary of WFS PharmaGreen Inc. that produces and sells safe and effective cannabinoid-infused pet products.

The arrangement calls for Alliance Growers to invest CAD$300,000 on favourable financial terms with regard to pricing and warrants, in return for an exclusive long term ("Cannabinoid") CBD oil supply contract when Canna Companion expands to the Canadian market planned for 2017.

This strategic alliance is the first of many planned initiatives that will provide Alliance Growers with future revenues from the sales of its pharmaceutical grade CBD Oil to the $21Billion Marijuana and Hemp Industry.

The Company's current strategy and focus since announcement of the cannabis focused Botany Center & Lab with BRIM is threefold; Jointly develop cannabis focused Botany Centers around the world that provide services and plantlets to growers in the respective country. Seek out opportunities and joint ventures and investments agreements with growers in exchange for long term plantlet supply contracts, and off take agreements. Become a leading supplier of pharmaceutical grade CBD oil globally.

Commenting on the agreement, Dennis Petke, Alliance Grower's President and CEO stated, "We are very proud of the achievements to date that Alliance Growers has accomplished toward our goal of becoming a truly global cannabis company. We have multiple CBD oil supply contracts and potential investments with growers under negotiation within North America and in other countries. In addition to Alliance Growers providing services and plantlets to growers of all sizes, it is our vision to become the leading supplier of pharmaceutical grade CBD oil globally through long term supply contracts".

Mr. Petke continued, "We look forward to unveiling our arrangements for participation in grow operations in exchange for long term plantlet supply contracts and off take agreements for product that Alliance Growers will use for flower and CBD oil sales. And in the coming months, Alliance Growers will unveil certain global arrangements currently under negotiation". As previously announced in news release on October 26, 2016 and November 7, 2016, Alliance Growers has been granted a license that will allow it to jointly develop and operate multiple cannabis focused Botany Centres in Canada and will include the following:

The License granted to Alliance Growers will allow it to jointly develop and operate multiple Botany Centres in Canada specializing in the Cannabis industry and will include the following:

1 - B.R.I.M.'s proprietary "Chibafreen Invitro Plant Production System" Utilizing its proprietary state of art clean tissue culture lab room designed to produce over one million Tissue Culture Plantlets per year. The design is scalable and designed for all flora to serve the entire agriculture industry.

2 - B.R.I.M.'s proprietary Cryotissue Cold Storage

Utilizing the one-of-a-kind Cryotissue Cold Storage technology for tissue culture preservation and regeneration as needed on long term basis. 3 - Extraction Lab Provide custom profiles for extraction for botanicals oils for retail market. Provide extraction services as retail services to cultivators.

4 - Botanical DNA Services Laboratory Certifying plant tissue as the genetic level. Additional DNA mapping services.

5 - B.R.I.M's proprietary research for cannabis for large commercial scale micro propagation production when permitted. In addition to the previously announced issuance of 6 million common shares to BRIM and/or persons designated by BRIM, at a deemed price of $0.135 and 3 million warrants exercisable at $0.27 for a period of 2 years to be held in escrow and released in stages, the Company will pay a finder fee in cash and/or shares in the amount of $79,500 for the introduction of BRIM to Alliance.

To finance the development of the cannabis focused Botany Centre, the Company has engaged DGWA, the German Institute for Asset and Equity Allocation and Valuation, known and respected as one of the leading German Corporate Boutiques for global small and mid-cap consulting and investments. As reported on August 18, 2016, Alliance has applied for a listing on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, as the beginning of a European partnership with DGWA.