Over the first eight months of the 2016 fiscal year, a leading network communications service provider has spent in excess of $1-million (U.S.) on VirtualArmor International Inc.'s (VAI.C) solutions and managed security services.

"We are pleased to see our cybersecurity solutions continue to gain traction among industry leaders throughout North America," said Matthew Brennan, president of VirtualArmor. "This customer, whom we have worked closely with over the course of the last five years, has purchased over $1-million (U.S.) in both network infrastructure solutions and ongoing managed security services thus far in 2016. This is a perfect example of a partnership where VirtualArmor is able to continuously provide value and consultation to help a company grow their business and strengthen their cybersecurity posture. These types of relationships are a testament to the value we are providing as a leading cybersecurity solutions organization.

"It is typical for many of our customers to make initial purchases in the form of hardware, leading them to see the immediate benefits of our solutions, specifically the calibre of our engineering team. Through this process, we are able to grow our footprint within an organization by providing both professional services, alongside our 24-by-seven-by-365 managed service -- providing a steady stream of recurring revenue, with a minimum commitment of three years."