Review of 2018: While striving to achieve our goals, we have been very careful to ensure that the people and processes involved are the best fit possible. Successfully reaching out to the dental industry with our products rests on ensuring strong relationships and connections. At each step of the way, we have taken the time to make sure that those working with us and representing us will give the best possible experience to our customers. Last year, we indicated that 2018 would begin the foundations for marketing the EAS and we have achieved that and more, as follows:
• In this quarter we have added an in-house sales component for the purpose of generating appointments for our sales representatives as well as following-up on and refining leads currently being generated. This will help co-ordinate aspects of our sales efforts. • We have also recently added an additional implant platform; commonly known as the external hex.  The External Hex interface is one of the most well known connection system on the market, and the preferred choice for many training institutions and topend users. It is also known to be more “forgiving” in situations of impassive fit or implant divergence and is the leading platform used in Brazil. • We have developed our starting team of experienced sales representatives who are fully trained and have been provided with support materials. They are now ready to approach their existing clients with strong knowledge of our product lines. ‘Soft’ marketing of the EAS was performed through continuing education channels and dental speakers during 2018.   As we trained sales reps, the EAS was being presented at lectures which has resulted in a significant collection of leads for our sales team to follow up on. • Models for display purposes. If a picture is worth a thousand words, a full arch model of the EAS in action, representing an extremely complex case which was easily solved using our product goes even further. Case design and manufacture was completed with a partnering dental technician in Colorado to provide sales representatives with this powerful tool in approaching customers. • Partnership with a Colorado based dental technician. In addition to models, establishing this sales resource allows for professional-to-professional product support with someone familiar with the EAS. Further, a dentist wanting to try out the system with a
case built by an already experienced user can send their case to this experienced technician.  • The creation of the ‘PDT Wellness’ line of organic, full spectrum CBD-based products for the dental office. This has provided sales representatives with another timely and innovative offering as they approach clients. PDTI will continue to expand our product line, not only with additional developments of the EAS but other innovative dental solutions such as this. Extra time was taken to ensure our sales representatives have been fully trained on the line. • Continued patent expansion and IP support with patents granted and intended to grant in the United States and key European market countries. • Recognition of our continuing development of our digital and 3D printable innovations with our company being both featured in an 3D print industry magazine (3D Printing in Dentistry 2018 issued by SmarTech Publishing) and a technology award nomination. • Further international market follow-up with a full mouth case planned for a patient in Brazil by a prominent Sao Paulo implantologist. It is his opinion that the EAS shows great disruptive potential for the world’s 3rd largest implant market. • Relationships which began at the tail end of 2017 with interested parties in China have continued throughout the year and are expected to continue into 2019. Due to the size and logistical complexities of addressing this potentially massive market, we have been very cautious in moving forward while vetting the right partnership in this dialogue and we remain optimistic.
Looking ahead to 2019, with this foundation in place, our sales team will begin approaching potential customers in Q1 of this calendar year. Using our in-house sales rep to refine leads and co-ordinate appointments, and our Colorado partner to help provide technical support as well as display models and samples, our sales reps should make a strong first impression. As we educate customers on the EAS components and they start incorporating them into the flow of case design, we expect repeat orders due to the simplicity of use and features that no other custom dental abutment offers.
Our sales reps have an additional tool when approaching the dental community.  The ‘PDT Wellness’ line of products is a consumable product and offers repeat business for the dentist, presenting them with an additional profit center in their office with virtually no additional cost or effort on their part. With the ADA issuing strong statements on the need for dentists to find alternatives to help combat the growing opioid epidemic, ‘PDT Wellness’ is being presented to offices at a very opportune time. Some initial orders have already been processed based solely on interest in our announcements and we are certain our sales reps will begin to generate even more interest very soon.
In preparation for the case to be created in Brazil, we have completed design and blueprints of components compatible with two of the most popular connector types in Brazil not currently part of our catalog. To support the case, we have finalized a small production run of these components and they are in the hands of our Sao Paulo dentist for use.  He will be showcasing this case and be making presentations to local implantologists to generate further interest in
the EAS.  We have provided marketing material for this purpose which will also be used for future publication and to present the EAS to the short list of potential Brazilian partners we have identified during 2018 for distribution or licensing in Brazil.  We look forward to sharing additional positive announcements in this sector this year.
Similarly, China remains on our radar and talks which began in 2018 will be continuing into 2019 with potentially interested licensing partners being identified and approach with our Chinese contacts. Combined with our commencement of US sales efforts and our progress in Brazil, 2019 promises to show activity in the 3 largest global markets for implants. Finally, we have begun the new year pursuing some leads with interested European partners and hope to see development on this front as well, although this is still in a very early stage of discussion.
In summary, 2019 should be a breakout year for PDTI as we build on the foundations built in 2018. Entering this year with sales staff ready to generate interest and sales, plus more product lines to offer and a broader global interest than ever before, PDTI looks forward to meeting the challenges of what is to come. Increased scope and opportunities which we could not ignore affected our timeline and projections, but we are entering this year fully on-course. 
A personal message from President Erik Siegmund: “On behalf of PDTI, I would like to thank our shareholders and supporters and hope everyone has enjoyed a very happy holiday season. In this past year we have achieved many significant milestones which the team is extremely proud of. With everything that was achieved in 2018 we are looking forward to many more very exciting developments in 2019. 
This past year started off with a focus on building the foundations for our marketing and sales channels, plus we have completed several developments regarding additional product lines and have further developed overseas market opportunities. I feel confident in saying that we are entering 2019 with our initial goal of marketing foundations in place, and enough progress on our additional developments to strongly capitalize on them in the coming months. We have continued to pursue a strategy of product development for PDTI's Evolutionary Accessory Series (EAS), used to create custom dental abutments for the growing dental implant industry. I’d like to thank all the members of the PDTI team, our advisory board and our shareholders for making this all possible. We are looking forward to a year of positive announcements ahead.”
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